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One of my favourite things to do is visit my local farmers’ market. I know what you’re thinking: “If that’s your favourite thing to do, you really need to get out more!” Judge me if you like, but I’m serious. I love the energy of my local market, the vendors who I’ve gotten to know, and who usually know what I’ll be buying (yes, I’m a creature of habit). A bunch of kale, snow peas, purple carrots, apples… and a Gozleme with loads of chilli on it for lunch. Nothing much changes (my poor children, not many surprises in our household). And because more than anything, I love the philosophy of the local farmers’ market i.e. local produce, fresh, often chemical free, true to season, the reconnection of the food chain: producer meets consumer direct; I feel it’s important BYO bag for all the goodies.

So which bag to BYO? Here are my top choices.



This is without doubt my top choice. It satisfies that part of my psyche that wishes I were actually in Provence, speaking fluent French (which I can’t!) on a warm, sunny day; fields of lavender in the background, shopping the most amazing local French produce. Instead, the reality is that this week I found myself shopping my market during torrential rain and unseasonably cold weather, freezing and sopping wet… but carrying this basket made me, at least for a moment, imagine I was somewhere else. That alone makes it a worthwhile investment. Not to mention the gorgeous, classic, chic simplicity of it. 

Not only does this traditional straw tote look great, it’s incredibly versatile and surprisingly strong. My tip is find one that has both long and short handles, that way you can decide whether to carry it in hand or over your shoulder (for hands-free shopping).

Classic French Farmers' Market Basket.




For rustic, earthy style, you can’t go past a waxed canvas tote. Timeless, practical and one of the rare things in life that gets even better with age. Some of the best feature waxed cotton; like this one.

Waxed Canvas Tote by Rough & Tumble.



Simple and cheap. Your classic Jute tote is just perfect for market shopping. If you like this, you’re likely to be a very understated and smart person.

Simple Jute Tote.



If jute tote types are understated and smart, then string bag fans are super-efficient, organised and practical. And true earth lovers. These are super handy because they can easily fit into handbags and pockets, and they expand to fit just about as much as you can carry.


Practical, environmentally friendly string bags.



Now for the splurge option, and one that is well worth the money (just think of all you’re saving whilst shopping at your local market, It’ll make spending money on this so easy to justify); the Sac à Baguette.

This bag is the chameleon of bags. It can be worn as a backpack, over one shoulder, or in your hand. Super spacious it can hold around 25kgs of weight (but I wouldn’t recommend it or you’ll be spending all your time at the Physio instead of wandering markets). This bag even has a removable liner that can be unzipped for cleaning, an inside pocket to hold your phone or keys, and a really clever detachable canister that's perfect for a newspaper, flowers or a fresh baguette (yes, I'm sticking with my Provence market fantasy).

Sac à Baguette.


So regardless of which option you prefer; just remember, supporting local businesses and eating fresh, unprocessed food never goes out of style.

I’d love to hear about your local market experiences, your favourite market finds and vendors; and of course, any great market totes you recommend. Leave a comment below.


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