We need to get our beautiful bags off the tops of cupboards, off the floor, behind sofas, under beds.
We wouldn’t dream of mistreating any of our outfits this way. Of course not.
They’re cared for and lovingly stored away. And now we can look after our bags the same way.
With thh – the handbag hanger.



"A unique and ahead-of-trend accessory that’s great quality... It's enhanced my life and makes getting ready each day a dream. This is a hanging system that really works. I highly recommend this product to everyone." - Holly Boorman


"As a Personal Stylist, I'm always on the lookout for products the help the wardrobe. When I first heard about the handbag hanger I was intrigued. What an incredible idea, so useful. Then I got it and I was blown away by the quality and style of it; I really didn't expect it to be so good. I use it in my own wardrobe and have been recommending it to all my clients." - Carol Sae-Yang 


"The perfect hangers for my huge collection that never stops growing. The Petite hanger is perfect for the back of the bedroom door frame and the grande is great in the closet. Thank you thh x" - Catherine Weaver

the handbag hanger in a closet with clothes




When that favourite outfit comes off, it’s slipped carefully onto its hanger, until next time it’s worn. That beautiful Cashmere jumper is carefully folded and stored neatly away. Jackets, tights, t-shirts, coats, they all have their own place.

Sadly our treasured, beautiful, sometimes expensive handbags haven’t.
Instead - tops of wardrobes... under the bed... on the floor... wherever a space can be found.

Well, no more.
thh - the handbag hanger is here.
Our clever, purpose designed, space saving, brilliant handbag hanger.




"The reason why I love my handbag hanger is very easy... I'm in the process of working out where to place my precious items and that includes, high on my list, my handbags and 'bingo' I have my handbag hanger... I find myself re-ordering more handbag hangers now to use for my daughters handbag collection and my belts..." - Louisa Larkin


"I've had my handbag hangers for little over a month, and I'm still in love with them! I don't know how I managed to last this long without them... I recommend this product to everyone and anyone. This is a 'MUST HAVE' item!" - Shevi McFarlane


"The hangers are sturdy and well designed, and have allowed me easy access to my bags. I have already used a couple of bags not used in a while, as I had forgotten I had them. I highly recommend this product." - Carol Carmudie 

beauty treatment for your bags

If only our precious bags could always look as good as the day we first brought them home. The least we can do is try to keep them looking this way as long as possible. Surely the best beauty treatment they can get.

If they’re stored on the top of a dusty wardrobe, left on the floor of a musty cupboard, or just left on the floor somewhere; they don’t stand much of a chance. Leather is natural, and attractive to mould; and ingrained dirt and dust can make any bag look old before it’s time. Better to treat them to thh – the handbag hanger.

Off the ground, safe and sound, helping them stay young and beautiful.