Why should I use thh - the handbag hanger?

So many reasons, where to begin!
thh – the handbag hanger will:

1.   Keep them off the ground, safe and sound, helping them stay young and beautiful (and less prone to mould, crushing and damage)

2.   Lose clutter. Gain space.

3.   Make it super easy to find a new bag to wear every day (friends will ask where all your new handbags are coming from).

4.   Keep them all together in one safe place.

How many bags will my thh – the handbag hanger hold?

Each individual Petite can hold 2 bags. Grande can hold 12 bags. So the total number of bags depends on which of our packages you purchase.

How many bags will each thh – the handbag hanger package accommodate?

2 x Petite: 4 bags
1 X Grande, 1 x Petite: 14 bags
2 x Grande: 24 bags
New York
2 x Grande, 2 x Petite: 28 bags

How much space will my thh – the handbag hanger take up in my cupboard or hanging rack?

The Grande Hanger is just 12cm wide.*
The Petite Hanger is just 6.5cm wide.*
Really it all depends on the size of your individual bags, and also how bulky they are. If they are quite full, and bulky, it may be better to hang those bags on Petite, so there are just 2, side by side, taking up less room.
Or, it may take up less room if they were to hang from the front strut or the rear strut of Grande, so one bag is in front of the other. Or each on opposite sides of Grande.
There are so many different sizes and widths of bags, and varying strap lengths, it is almost impossible to answer.
Our Hangers give you multiple positions, and varying heights for hanging, so it hardly gets any easier.
We have tried to accommodate everyone, and are sure you’ll enjoy finding the right place for every one of your treasures.
*At its widest point.

What is thh – the handbag hanger made from?

Carbon Steel with epoxy coating.

What weight handbag can my thh – the handbag hanger hold?

Each Petite holds 2 bags, and can carry up to 105kgs of weight in total. 
Each Grande holds up to 12 bags, and can carry up to 50kgs of weight in total. With the heaviest bag weighing up to 7.5kgs.

How much does an average handbag weigh?

According to The Daily Mail newspaper, the weight of the average handbag, filled with all its contents, is 2.45 kgs.

What are the Softies (or foams) for?

With every order you will receive a set of spongy strap supports - softies. 
These are provided because some of our bags need a bit more care than others. The ones created from softer leathers or fabrics, or perhaps thinner straps.
Simply slip these supports over the hanger arms, and the bags’ soft straps will have a nice soft place to sit on.

The Softies (or foams) are a tight fit to get on, is that normal?

The Softies have been designed to be a snug fit, but slipping them on is easy. 
First, put a dab of moist soap, or liquid soap, onto both the ball finial on the hanger; and on the front hole in the Softie, and it will slide on with perfect ease.
So easy, it’s worth doing them all.
Your bags will love you for it.