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So I have a friend who needs help. Stat. If he doesn’t get it, he’s in danger of being arrested by the fashion police (he’s already copped a number of warnings). You see, he’s carting all his stuff around in a bag that’s truly a crime.

Let’s face it, it’s not just women who have ‘stuff’ to lug around each day. It would be sexist to think so, right? These days, blokes also have all sorts of things they need that they can’t just stuff into their pockets. They’ve got phones; wallets; keys; headphones and various gadgets; medicines; handkerchief. If they’re the ‘Mr fix-it’ type they may carry a Swiss Army knife. If they have hair (unlike my better half) they might carry a comb. Or if they have kids the list of stuff could be almost endless. And whilst lugging this paraphernalia around, most guys want to look good.

They also know that the right bag is not just an accessory, but it can ‘pimp’ their outfit. And these days many blokes are just as keen as their female counterparts to update their looks each season, so of course many designers are accommodating this.

So what’s the latest bag trend being seen on the catwalks for men? Well unless you’ve been asleep since January, you’ll be well aware that it’s all about backpacks right now. And the hottest of these is the tactile backpack. Backpacks made of suede, canvas, earthy tones and colours like greens, yellows and browns are right on trend. Bags that get better with age are particularly popular. And regardless of your budget, there’s sure to be the perfect pick for you. These are just some of my current faves, which range in price from budget to OMG.


Top left: Givenchy leather-trimmed dollar-print shell backpack; Top right: Santiago Gonzalez crocodile backpack. Middle left: Berluti Time Off Dégradé polished-leather backpack; Middle right: Filson Ranger leather-trimmed twill backpack. Bottom left: RRL Riley washed-leather backpack; Bottom right: Gucci leather-trimmed appliquéd coated-canvas backpack. Photos:


Now those of you who know me, will be aware I’m often a fan of simple, understated, stealth design that can last for many seasons. These styles may not wow your audience like some of the more ‘on trend’ examples, but they’re sure to brand you as stylish. If you’re not ‘Mr-Right-on-Trend’, but more ‘Mr-Price-Per-Wear-Not-Too-High’, then you might prefer a simpler black, brown or navy backpack that works with most outfits and is harder to pin down to a particular fashion point in time.



Top left: Dunhill Hampstead full-grain leather backpack; Top right: Prada leather-trimmed quilted nylon backpack. Bottom left: Berluti Time Off suede-trimmed polished-leather backpack; Bottom right: Saint Laurent washed-leather backpack. Photos:


Of course, just because backpacks are huge right now, doesn’t mean there aren’t other great bag styles around. The other enduring style that many men are rocking day-to-day is the satchel. Or if your work demands it, there are loads of gorgeous modern briefcases around (not the boxy rectangular type with flip catches that were the only kind available back in the day.)


Above left: Mismo AW16; Right: Want Les Essentiels AW16.

And finally, if you’re off for a short trip away, you should get yourself a utility holdall – these have been given a big refresh this year too, with many fashionistas swopping their practical overnight bag with one of these more current styles.

Dunhill AW16.

The great news is that now men can also embrace the handbag-as-fashion-item approach that women have enjoyed for over a hundred years. Fast forward to 2017 and it’s now common for men to have more than one type of bag in their wardrobe. So alongside their rows of sneakers and loafers, men can add a row of handbags; and I have the perfect accessory for their handbag collections (you guessed it, the handbag hanger – why should they miss out on these!).

If you know any guys who need to ditch the plastic shopping bag for something a bit more stylish, then please share this article with them. And if you’ve noticed this trend of blokes sporting awesome bags, I’d love to hear from you in the comments section.

Women, finally our secret is out – handbags rock and now guys know it too.


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