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Lately I’ve been writing a lot about incredible bags, designers and trends and then it occurred to me, it’s all well and good to keep admiring and buying incredible bags; but let’s not lose sight of how important it is to take care of them once we own them.

All your bags deserve lots of love and care. After all, you’d never dream of buying a beautiful jumper or silk shirt and then just throwing it on the floor at the end of the day. It’s so odd that we do that with our bags; which often cost a lot more than most items of clothing.

So here’s a list of quick and easy tips to help you take care of your bags – whatever value or style they may be.

Chanel CC in love heart clutch with chain quilted lambskin on 1stdibs 


First thing to do when you buy a new bag is to protect them before any spills and accidents happen. A great tip is not to forget to protect the inside of your bag too. The lining is often more likely to discolour or become stained before the outside of your bag. Depending on the material, there are a variety of options available. It’s often best to ask whomever you’ve purchased from or even your local cobbler. But a good place to start is with the Scotchgard range of products – they tend have a spray specifically for each type of surface.



Get yourself a handbag organiser. You know, those bags within bags. Cheap and simple to use. Just move it from bag to bag and keep your must-have bag essentials in it. Great for time management (you’ll spend far less time looking for things you need as you’re running out the door); and heaven for your bags (remove it at the end of the day to stop your bag being weighed down with contents).



To stuff or not to stuff?, that is the question, and a big question. The answer really depends on the type of bag. However, if you’ve read any of my previous blogs, you’ll know I’m all about lightening the load in your bags before you hang them (which is a must... see next bullet point!).

So what’s my advice on this? I think in a few circumstances stuffing your bag can be beneficial, but only those bags that are hard and ‘stiff’ in shape, like your classic Chanel flap bag.


Classic Chanel Flap Bag.

So once you identify which bag to stuff, then what to stuff it with? Very important to get this right. Don’t use any coloured tissue papers or fabrics. My tip is get an old white t-shirt or cloth, even an all-white tea towel and use that. 100% cotton is best. If you don’t have any at home, just go to somewhere like Vinnies or the Salvos and buy an old white t-shirt, wash it thoroughly and stuff away.

Don’t use dyed materials, plastics or anything else man-made that can emit chemicals that have the potential to damage and breakdown your bags. Sometimes man-made materials have solvents and chemicals in them that can cause serious damage. Please also make sure you don’t over stuff, and that the stuffing is light weight. But really no need to stuff the majority of bags.



No surprises, but my last tip is an absolute must do. Hang your bags, don’t leave them lying around and sitting on top of each other. Get yourself a thh - the handbag hanger. Such a tiny investment to make, and such a difference to your handbags; and your life.


Our Grande and Petite Hangers in Action.

I’ve dedicated a good portion of my time designing the ultimate handbag hanger because I was fed up with having nowhere to put my bags. There just wasn’t anything available that suited my needs or that offered my bags the TLC they deserve. So as Molly Meldrum used to say (if you’re Australian and old enough to know what I’m talking about!), “Do yourself a favour” and buy a handbag hanger. If you do, I’m sure you’ll discover so many unexpected benefits:

  • Keep bags off the ground, safe and sound, helping them stay young and beautiful (and less prone to mould, crushing and damage). 
  • Lose clutter. Gain space.
  • Make it super easy to find a new bag to wear every day (friends will ask where all your new handbags are coming from).
  • Keep them all together in one safe place.

So all your bags will be taken care of. Too easy.

If you have any other handbag care tips, I’d love to hear from you. And please, share the handbag love and share this blog, your friends (and I) will thank you for it.

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