2017: IN THE BAG.

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So, I hear you ask, what are some of the hot bag trends going to be in 2017? Good news is it’s looking like an exciting year with many designers already experimenting with some truly innovative designs and lots of print, unusual shapes as well as the return of some old faves.

Here are 3 highlights:

1. Oversized Duffle Bags.

Your Chiropractor won’t be happy, but at least you’ll fit everything you need into your bag for that weekend away.

Balenciaga have designed a variety of travel bags, many very loud but gorgeous. A lot of bright colours, along with floral prints featuring strongly (a print trend for 2017).

Gucci also features the floral trend, focusing on large, exotic flowers in a striking symmetrical print.

Above left and right: Balenciaga Duffle Bags SS17.

2. Attachments.

Personally, I love this trend and have already jumped onto it myself. Rest assured, it’s no longer simply the domain of your kid’s school bag.

Forget practical, this is all about fun and basically zhushing up your bags to make you smile and ready to rock in 2017. Simply grab a ‘dangle’ and hook it on. Some of the bigger trends are balls of fuzz, tassles, flowers, cute characters, along with more traditional looking pompoms.

Above: Two of Fendi's SS 17 bag attachments.

Altuzarra have gone for a fruit theme, with gorgeous cherry attachments. Fendi and Rebecca Minkoff both like the fuzzy fur balls, and Moschino seems to favour tassels. Lanvin combined gorgeous flowers with tassles…

Above left: Altuzzara. Middle: Fendi. Right: Lanvin.

In fact, tassles (or fringing) is right on trend with both bag attachments and on bags themselves right now. You’ll see loads of tassled items in 2017 – a bit of a throwback to the 60s. Everything old is new yet again.

Above left: Coach. Middle: Elie Saab. Right: Armani.

I’m really loving this ‘attachment’ trend, a really quick, inexpensive way to refresh an old bag or simply add a bit of your personality to your constant companion.

3. Floral Prints and Appliques.

Florals are timeless and beautifully feminine when done right. Badly executed, and they can end up looking like your Great Nans old couch! Luckily many designers have nailed it in 2017.

Monique Lhuillier has gone for soft, white 3D flowers attached to a delicate cream coloured bag – heavenly. Whilst Tory Burch has favoured colour and a 60s mod vibe with box bags. And Fendi has gone all out with stunning bright floral and geometric prints and stunning detailing including laser cut straps and studded detailing. Definite statement bags.

Left: Fendi. Right: Tory Burch.

Above: Fendi laser cut bag strap.

2017 looks like being an exciting and vibrant year. For now at least colour, creativity, innovation and little bit of ‘too much is never enough’ looks like being in. Hope this applies to you personally as well.

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