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No it’s not a typo. I did mean to say Bergen not Birkin. The Bergen I’m talking about is Candice. Remember the show Murphy Brown? I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t, it aired in the late ‘80s through the ‘90s. A true artist, actress Candice Bergen has now turned her talents to handbags. She paints fun, playful and quirky designs on high-end bags for an impressive list of clients. Her humour is apparent the minute you go onto her website: “Bergenbags: From one old bag to another.”

What Bergen paints is great, imagine being so multi-talented. She paints anything you can think of. Camels, dogs, clouds, radishes, rabbits, even crocodiles. And what an inspiration she is, picking up her paint brushes for the first time in 40 years. Brave too, I’d be mortified at the thought of putting a paintbrush anywhere near someone’s beloved LV or Chanel.

According to her website, Bergenbags began when...

“My daughter asked me to decorate her Louis Vuitton duffle. She posted my design on her Instagram and the photo generated a fair amount of positive comment. Since then, friends and colleagues send me their favorite bags and I personalize them with my drawings.

I should say that I am not a painter. In fact, I haven’t painted anything in forty years but I used to draw cartoony things and I wasn’t bad at that. It has been a sharp learning curve but enjoyable. I set up my paints on the long table on our porch in East Hampton, put golden oldies on the radio and work happily.

 At the age of 70, it is fun to do something I haven’t done before. I hope you like it.

- Candice Bergen”

The end results speak for themselves, these are some of my faves.


Some of Candice Bergen's creations. Photo: BergenBags.

And whilst we’re on the subject of pimping our bags, a trend I’ve seen more of lately, that I just love, is decorating your bag with a scarf. What a great way to change the entire tone of your bag.


My Hermès scarf and Want Les Essentiels bag make the perfect pair. Photo:



 Not that Chanel needs 'dressing up', but this works. Photo:


And finally, a trend that isn’t going away, and one that I featured on an article earlier this year, 2017: In The Bag, check it out if you missed it:

Whether it be flowers, tassles, cute characters, balls of fuzz or pom poms; it doesn’t get much cuter and more fun than this… And you don’t need to go designer or high end with your attachment. This hand-made artisan clip on from Kif Collection is about the same price as a couple of drinks on a night out; and will keep you smiling a lot longer. I particularly love something simple like this on a higher end brand, it helps to bring it down to earth and feel a little less formal for your trip to the supermarket.


Kif Collection bag attachment. Photo:


But if you want to splurge and maybe do the opposite i.e. take a more basic, non-designer bag and make it feel a bit more special, then a fancier attachment might be worth spending more on. These ones make me smile.


Top Left: Loewe Calla Lily Bag Charm; Top Right: KENDALL + KYLIE Blu Bag Charm. Above: Kate Spade Mirror Monster Bag Charm. Photos:


The name of the game is fun. Think like a child and be prepared to explore and play. Sometimes we take our fashion (and ourselves) way too seriously.

 If you think your friends need a bit of loosening up, share this with them. Maybe we can help make them smile.



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