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Classic chairs, classic cars, classic bags… you buy the right one, and you’ll never go wrong (and never regret it!)

Timeless, forever beautiful and functional. Great design never dates; and more often than not, never loses its value (in some cases you may even make money on your investment in the future – but this shouldn’t be your reason for buying).

So if you’re going to spend big dollars on a bag, I highly recommend you consider one of these 5 (budget permitting, of course).

1. Hermes Birkin

Penelope Blanckaert from Artcurial Auctioneers in Paris and Monte Carlo, has witnessed the value of Hermes handbags increase by 500% over the last 35 years. (Source: Daily Mail).

Each Birkin takes two full days to make, and the waiting list can be up to 6 years.

Hermes Birkin Bags on display in store

Hermès Birkins on display. Photo: @rattilovesseoul

2. Chanel 2.55

An absolute classic that’s re-invented each year. It was first created in the 1920s by Coco Chanel when she tired of carry handbags in her arms, so decided to design a handbag that freed up her hands. Inspired by the straps on soldiers’ bags, she added thin straps, resulting in the design released in 1929.

In 1954, Coco decided to update her handbag. The resulting design was the 2.55 as we know it today (named after the date it was created: February 1955).

In 1983 Karl Lagerfeld (as Chanel Creative Director at the time), re-issued the bag with its original design, but added the turning ‘CC’ clasp.

chanel 2.55 handbag black aged calfskin and gold tone metal

Photo: chanel.com

3. Balenciaga City Classic

Created in the 1990s by Nicholas Ghesquire when he was Creative Director of Balenciaga, it was quite a battle for him to get the bag made.

The company didn’t like the ‘floppy, non-rigid’ style of the bag, but Ghesquire managed to convince them to create the bag for a catwalk show, and the rest is history…

The models who carried them down the runway fell in love with them, along with the select few Ghesquire sent them to, including Kate Moss. It has since become an absolute classic.


Photo: Balenciaga.com

4. Gucci Jackie

Originally called the Fifties Constance, Gucci re-named this bag after Jackie Onassis was repeatedly photographed with the bag during the 1960s; and women rushed to copy the style icon. The New Jackie, a modern ‘deconstructed’ version of the design was launched in 2009; still takes a minimum of 7 hours to make.

Gucci Jackie handbag in white first seen in 1961 

Photo: Gucci.com

5. Bottega Veneta Veneta

Showcasing Bottega Veneta’s signature criss cross, plaited effect called Intrecciato; this bag is gorgeous. The Intrecciato technique was invented by Bottega Veneta in the 1960s to make the thick leather used in their workshops stronger and more durable for accessories.

bag hanger 

Photo: Bottega Veneta

Ultimately, with any luxury item you purchase, first and foremost, make sure you love it. And no doubt, because of your impeccable taste, you'll likely enjoy your bag for many years to come. And if you look after it well, the bonus may be that you even make money on it one day in the future.*

*Just be sure to always treat your bags with love and respect. A great start is to hang them on thh - the handbag hanger (please don't just put them on top of a wardrobe, under your bed, or dumped in a corner somewhere - that's not the way to treat your treasured items!).

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