Will it fit?

If you can make a space on your wardrobe rail that is just 6.5cm wide you can fit Petite.
As a quick comparison, about as long as your lipstick.
If you can make a space just 11.5cm wide you can fit Grande. About as long as your mascara stick.

That’s all you need.
While our handbag hangers may look like they take up more space, the beauty is that your bags hang lower.
So even if you’re tight for space, your bags will hang where a lot of your clothes end.
The Grande hanger, while it’s wider than Petite, is cleverly made in tiers, so some bags will be higher, some lower.
Some in the front of the hanger, some behind.
With these multiple positions they take up less space.
(Yes, your shoes will still fit underneath.)
We need to get our beautiful bags off the tops of cupboards, off the floor, behind sofas, under beds. We wouldn’t dream of mistreating any of our outfits this way. Of course not. They’re cared for and lovingly stored away.
And now we can look after our bags the same way.
With thh – the handbag hanger.