What is it?

Over 115 years late, thh - the handbag hanger.
Ever since the invention of the handbag, around 1900, they’ve sometimes not been given the treatment they deserve.
One minute showing us off at our best. The next stuffed on the floor of a musty old cupboard. Or the top of a dusty wardrobe.
No more.
Now our Guccis, our Pradas, Louis Vuittons, Fendis, Chanels and Balenciagas et al, our unlabeled treasures from India and China, can hang their heads high.
On thh – the handbag hanger.
It’s one of those things you’ll wonder how you lived without for so long.

With every order you will also receive a set of spongy strap supports. Because some of our bags need a bit more care than others.
Beautiful bags created from very soft leathers or fabrics.
Simply slip these supports over the hanger arms, and the bags’ soft straps will have a nice soft place to sit on.
Love your bags is us.