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When that favourite outfit comes off, it’s slipped carefully onto its hanger, until next time it’s worn.
That beautiful Cashmere jumper is carefully folded and stored neatly away.
Jackets, tights, t-shirts, coats, they all have their own place.
Sadly our treasured, beautiful, sometimes expensive handbags haven’t.
Instead - tops of wardrobes... under the bed... on the floor... wherever a space can be found.
Well, no more.
thh - the handbag hanger is here.
Our clever, purpose designed, space saving, brilliant handbag hanger.
From over the shoulder, to over the hanger.
Just the place our handbags belong.


Friends will ask where all your new handbags are coming from.
Truth is, they’re yours.
And they’ve always been yours.
But because thh – the handbag hanger allows you to have them all in one place, all on display, you will choose a new bag each time.
In the past it was an easy habit to use the same bag time after time. Because it was handy, where you last left it.
But now you have all your bags in one place, all on display, a new bag beckons every time.
It’s like finding a new you.






If only our beautiful bags could always look as good as the day we first brought them home.
The least we can do is try to keep them looking this way as long as possible. Surely the best beauty treatment they can get.
If they’re stored on the top of a dusty wardrobe, left on the floor of a musty cupboard, or just left on the floor somewhere, they don’t stand much of a chance.
Leather is natural, and attractive to mould, and ingrained dirt and dust can make any bag look old before it’s time.
Better to treat them to thh – the handbag hanger.
Off the ground, safe and sound, helping them stay young and beautiful.

Bags for Summer. Bags for Winter. Bags for day. Bags for night. Everyday bags. Special bags.
It’s not long before we run out of space to keep them all. 
Some in drawers. Some in cupboards. Some under the bed. Some on a chair. Some finding a home wherever they can.
But now thh – the handbag hanger can keep them all together safely in one place.
Designed in tiers, the Grande handbag hanger can accommodate up to 12 bags in the one compact area. The Petite hanger is designed for two bags, but if your straps aren’t too wide, you’ll have room for four.
Lose clutter. Gain space. Enjoy.