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Last week I revealed the first of my three ‘must-have bag styles’; so now it’s time to reveal number two. Drumroll please… it’s the Cross-body Bag.

I’m a huge fan of this style of bag, it’s just so practical and easy to wear. But above all, it allows you to get on with other things because it frees your hands – so good for all you multi-taskers out there. Less back and shoulder pain too – your Physio will wonder why you’ve stopped calling!

Photo: Style Du Monde

What a dream – a highly fashionable item that’s also good for you (who would have thought it possible!). Which is why this bag is without doubt, an absolute must-have style.

Some years ago, cross-body bags were not considered chic at all, so designers didn’t bother with them, especially in the 90s when you ‘carried’ a bag as opposed to today where you ‘wear’ it.

Left Photo: A Portable Package. Right: Tuula Vintage.

Now that the cross-body bag is the ultimate wearable piece of fashion, and just about every designer worth their salt has designed their own version, they come in an array of shapes and sizes, so you’ll definitely be able to find the right style and ‘fit’ for you. Here’s some tips on which one to choose: 

  • If you’re large chested, carrying a cross-body bag may not be flattering and could be uncomfortable. One modification you can try is to carry the bag slightly in front of you, so the strap doesn’t sink into your cleavage. Also try to avoid very thin straps (larger straps will rest more comfortably).
  • If you have large hips, there’s nothing worse than having your bag bounce up and down on your hip as you walk. First, make sure the strap isn’t too long. This will minimise the bag banging around. Also, try wearing the bag slightly in front or behind you – this will avoid added bulk around the hips (but you’ll still enjoy the free hand capabilities that a cross-body bag offers you).
  • When buying your ultimate cross-body bag, think carefully about how you will mostly use it. For example, if you’re a traveller (for work or pleasure), a leather option would most likely be best for its durability. If your cross-body is more for decorative purposes, and you want a more elegant look, you could consider a range of fabric, suedes, and embellished options.
  • Always try on the bag before you buy it, so if you’re buying on-line, make sure there’s a return option in case you don’t find it comfortable.
  • Remember your bag will be heavier when you put all your items in it, so if possible, choose a shorter rather than longer strap – this will relieve pressure on your back.
  • If you fall in love with a cross-body with a long strap, then no sweat, simply knot the strap or use a ribbon to tie a section of the strap/chain together inside the bag.

Photo: Ellen Claesson

So now you’re all set to go out and find that ultimate cross-body bag; or identify the perfect one that’s already part of your collection. Here’s a little more inspiration to help you wear it like a true fashionista…


Top Photo: Fashion Bomb Daily. Above: Who What Wear.

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