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If you’ve read my blogs before, you’ll be aware I’m a fan of buying classic bags, bags that will last a lifetime and never date. I thought to illustrate this, it would be interesting to look at what I consider to be some of the best bags from Milan fashion week over the last 10 years, and to see how they’ve stood the test of time. No doubt you’ll agree that any of these bags would be as gorgeous and relevant today as they were when we first admired them.

 Let’s start with this year and work our way back to 2007.

 2017. Gucci.



2016. Bottega Veneta.



2015. Chloé.



2014. Dolce & Gabbana.



2013. Etro.



2012. Daniela Gregis.



2011. Brioni.



2010. Bottega Veneta.



2009. Salvatore Ferragamo.



2008. Bottega Veneta.



2007. Moschino.



Now you may have noticed that Bottega Veneta is very well represented in my list of the last 10 years, just goes to show what a powerhouse, timeless label this is. As I’ve mentioned before, you really can never go wrong investing (I like to use this term to justify the purchase!) in a bag by this brand. Maybe you’d like to re-visit my old blog on 5 Iconic Bags: Any of These Are a Good Bet to find out more. As relevant today as it was when I wrote it back in July 2016.


What are your Fashion Week picks, from this year or any previous year? Leave a comment below.

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